White Noise @ Richmond Shepard, NYC, Apr 7 – 12

The Hard Lull, Richmond Shepard Theatre, NYC Apr 7-12, 2009

The Hard Lull, Richmond Shepard Theatre, NYC Apr 7-12, 2009

Joe, the hyper stressed NY PR maven, and Melanie, the strictly A-type emotive marketing exec, are back for eight (8) encore performances of WHITE NOISE at the Richmond Shepard Theatre, 309 East 26th Street @ 2nd avenue, NYC, April 7 – 12, 2009.

A chance meeting in the waiting room of a therapists office leads to impromptu venting, a connection, and maybe more, illustrating that in New York your life can change radically in 10 minutes. Who is giving whom the business?

WHITE NOISE, a 10 minute play by Mark Rose, premiered at NYC Playwrights winter 2008 fundraiser, then ran for eight performances at H-B Playwrights Theatre, December, 2008. This is the first production of Discovery Hill Productions, a new venture of Ella Jane New, who starred as Melanie in the H-B Playwrights Theatre production of WHITE NOISE.

The Hard Lull is eight plays, 10 (or so) minutes each, 16 intriguing and impressionable characters all in different states of waiting.  What are you waiting for?

The Hook – C.S Drury | Open House – C.S Drury | Central B.S – Peter Alexandrou | Flight into Health – Stan Taub | Questioning – Elizabeth Primamore | The Executive – Henry Holden | White Noise – Mark Rose | The Exchange – David Rey and Leif Steinert

Director: David Rey
Assistant Director: Eduardo Costas
Light and Set: Brandon Hughes 

Tues April 7th - Sat April 11th @ 8PM
Sat April 11th Matinee @ 2PM
Sun April 12th @ 3 PM
Richmond Shepard Theatre
309 East 26th Street @ 2nd Ave.
Admission – $10

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2 Responses to White Noise @ Richmond Shepard, NYC, Apr 7 – 12

  1. Andy Kuhn says:

    Kenneth B sure kicks ass as Hamlet, and you have raised the bar by putting him up here. Thanks for that! Look forward to catching your piece on Wednesday the 8th.

  2. admin says:

    The best Shakespeare on film I have seen, and the best of Branagh’s Shakespeare movies. Thank goodness for YouTube. They break it down into 5 +/- minute segments that I watch over and over to absorb the remarkable complexity that Branagh brings to the performance, and to appreciate the depth and interrelation of the text. Hamlet is mad, yes, but that doesn’t mean that he is crazy – the questing, vulnerability, strength, confusion, intelligence, childishness – it’s all there. It’s an ecstatic piece of work.

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