Weird Trump ‘Temple of Meat’ Symbiosis

Launch of Trump Steaks at The Sharper ImageI actually saw Donald Trump and his troupe wolfing down prime Porterhouse at Peter Luger’s, The Temple of Meat. The incident reported by The New York Times, however, occurred at Tavern on the Green, where, I can tell you, the steak is terrible. Ref: Showdown At The Temple of Meat.

Excerpt, The New York Times, 5/14/2016 How Trump Behaved With Women in Private. “When the waiter came to take orders, Ivana made the mistake of asking for what she wanted. Fred Trump set her straight, she recalled in a previously unpublished interview with Michael D’Antonio, the author of “The Truth About Trump.”

Fred would order steak. Then Donald would order steak. … Everybody order steak. I told the waiter, “I would like to have fish.” O.K., so I could have the fish. And Fred would say to the waiter: “No, Ivana is not going to have a fish. She is going to have a steak.” I said, “No, I’m going to have my fish.” And Donald would come home and say, “Ivana, why would you have a fish instead of a steak?” I say, “Because I’m not going to be told by somebody to have something which I don’t want.”

From Showdown At The Temple of Meat

What’s going on Val?

Nothing, Abe.

You don’t come to Peter Luger’s, the Temple of Meat, and order a fish.

Well, that’s what I’m going to do.

36 years we come here. We don’t look at the menu. We order steak, creamed spinach, tomatoes and onions, potatoes. That’s our tradition. What’s going on? Just tell me

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  1. mark brown says:

    “I’ll have an Irish Coffee”. Waiter: No, Irish Coffee before dinner. After dinner only. Mit schlag.

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