Wan Dershon Found in Seattle

Geoff Finney as Wan Dershon in PRNYC

Geoff Finney as Wan Dershon in PRNYC

And the next stage Wan Dershon is … Geoff Finney. Geoff was previously with The New Space in North Seattle, and Fearless Theatre Company, currently with Copious Love Productions. He has acted in  Our Country’s Good, La Bete, The Laramie Project, Sweet & Decent / Dark & Twisty, Alice’s Anthem, Two Rooms, as well as Cedar & the Redwoods. He has a BA in Drama from the University of Washington.

Geoff rounds out a kick ass cast for the PRNYC next stage reading at Freehold, 2222 2nd Ave, 2nd floor, Seattle, Sunday, September 15, 5:00 PM. The full cast:

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Seeking Wan Dershon

Wan Dershon PRNYC

Wan Dershon

Tony Doupe had to pull out for a film gig – we’re desperately seeking to replace him with the next Wan Dershon. The next stage reading of PRNYC is at Freehold in Seattle, Sun, Sept 15, 5 PM.  See markrosenyc/prnyc for details. Rehearsal in Belltown, Tues, Sept 10, 6:30 PM. Breakdown: Wan is  your standard issue 32 yr ol brilliant, psychotic, often annoying New York PR professional. Comfortable in a suit.  Leave comment on this blog or find me on Facebook. Wan Dershon is infiltrating the web lexicon. See Google results below. Who will next carry the mantle of Wan Dershon? This character is still amorphous enough for an actor to breathe in some life.

  1. PRNYC | markrosenyc


    Cast: Myron Mandelbaum – Hewitt Brooks * | Peter Riley – Michael Vicha | Wan Dershon – Peter Wiant | Heather – Kelly McNees | Melody Stark – Colleen 

  2. markrosenyc | Adventures in Theatre | Page 2


    Aug 16, 2012 – The play traces the meteoric rise of ‘nice’ PETER RILEY (Michael Vicha) in a snake pit inhabited wonderfully by WAN DERSHON (Peter Wiant), 

  3. Playwrights’ Festival: Arriving at better worlds – Port Townsend


    Feb 22, 2012 – The play traces the meteoric rise of “nice” Peter Riley (Michael Vicha) in a snake pit inhabited wonderfully by Wan Dershon (Peter Wiant), 

  4. 2012 Theatre Favorites – ptleader.com: Blogs


    Jan 6, 2013 – Standout acting performances in 2012 include: Erik Van Beuzekom (ORSON WELLES in ‘Rosebud’); Eben Hoffer, Abigail Kiser, Zachary 

  5. Peter Wiant | Key City Public Theatre | ZoomInfo.com


    Peter Wiant in “The Soup is Served” 2011. Reporter – Peter … www.keycitypublictheatre.org, 1 Feb 2011 [cached]. Reporter – Peter Wiant … Wan Dershon – Peter 

  6. Festival – Key City Public Theatre | The Olympic Peninsula’s Premier


    Myron Mandelbaum – Hewitt Brooks * Peter Riley – Michael Vicha Wan Dershon – Peter Wiant Heather Ingals – Kelly McNees. Melody Stark – Colleen Dobbin.

  7. Arriving at Better Worlds – Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader


    Feb 12, 2012 – The play traces the meteoric rise of ‘nice’ PETER RILEY (Michael Vicha) in a snake pit inhabited wonderfully by WAN DERSHON (Peter Wiant), 

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PRNYC Seattle Notes 1

Theatre is not life.  In theatre we reach the boiling  point, a nexus for crisis and decision. Through conflict decisions are forced, decisions reveal character, advance action. Anger is the most compelling emotion to force decision. What is PRNYC about? In a word, language. It’s about the language we use to construct the stories that determine who we are at any given moment. The atmosphere is at the boiling point, literally and emotionally. It is boiling hot, dripping humid, outside. Peter enters the office in the morning, drained already from the crushing heat, glad to be in the frigid office; he used to feel protected from all the dirt and the stench and the grime and all that conflict down there on the street. 46 stories up, in his suit, he was protected.  Now he’s just lost. He’s had enough. He wants to quit. He has an offer from another agency, but it’s more of the same without the sheen of ‘the top / the best / in the news.’ He wants to quit with no net, no plan “B”. Just quit this shit and see what that’s like. PRNYC is about the language we use to survive. This is PR but it could be any professional office in NY. You work at that level, that speed, and it becomes addicting, like gambling. The end game? Just a crap shoot. Theatre – character driven plays are about compression. Intensification. And these days, when people want it fast and hard, they want it to be more intense. On the 46th floor no one can touch you. You’re invincible, you can find your power, if you can just figure out what the fuck is going on in this office with these crazy people. By any standard these people are fucking nuts, so after a while you just assume its in the air, it infects everyone in the office, and you adapt, as you would in any family structure. It’s working in a professional office in NY.  That’s how he’s coming in. Rough night last night.  Weird, extraordinarily. That woman in the Waiting Room. His therapist was particularly brutal, unkind, like he needed a jack hammer to break through. And his brother. And that twisted knot in his stomach from working at this abhorrent place. And the heat, the debilitating heat.

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Vampire Night in NYC

Sympathy for the Devil. Guns N Roses. Vampire night in NYC. Photos and video by Mark Brown. Pleased to meet you.

A Night In the Life from Mark Brown on Vimeo.

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