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From The Loop Online, a great source for emerging playwrights:

This is James Venhaus, long-time Loop-er and playwright. I wanted to let you know about something really cool that is happening with one of my plays that might be of interest to you and/or your readers. The Overtime Theatre in San Antonio is currently in rehearsals for my full-length play, “The Happy Couple”. The cast and I created a blog to document the rehearsal process, including script changes that happen when rehearsing a new play. The blog has not only been a tremendous marketing tool, but having everyone involved “journal” about their experience has been very revealing and helpful to rehearsals. You can check out the blog at:

On top of all that, the San Antonio Express-News has run a story about our blog. (You know you are in pretty good shape, PR-wise, when the local paper runs a story about your show and a story about the blog about your show!) Check it out at I’m thinking doing something like this for future shows, especially productions where I am lucky enough to be involved in the entire rehearsal process. I thought other Loopers might find it interesting.

Visit The Loop Online at:

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