Andrew Tribolini Joins PRNYC Seattle Cast

Andrew Tribolini reads BILLY RILEY in PRNYC at the Odd Duck Studio, Seattle, Oct. 1, 2012

Andrew Tribolini reads BILLY RILEY in PRNYC at the Odd Duck Studio, Seattle, Oct. 1, 2012

Legendary Seattle actor Andrew Tribolini, star of stage and screen, has agreed to step into the role of BILLY RILEY, for the premiere Seattle debut of PRNYC, Mon., Oct 1, 7 PM, at Odd Duck Studio, Seattle.  See details and cast here.

The last time I saw Andrew on stage in Seattle was in Proof and Pterodactyl and I had to admit with the press review of the latter: “He’s so creepy he may not even be going for creepy.”  Andrew is constantly working these days in film, stage, commercials, corporate videos, et al. Welcome Andrew.

In PRNYC Andrew plays BILLY RILEY a hypochondriac, conspiracy theorist, Irish trash roustabout from Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, who is holed up in a loft about to be condemned on 127th and Broadway in Manhattan. BILLY’s brother, PETER RILEY, is a soon to be Vice President with a NY PR firm. PETER needs to make a choice (several actually): should he drop the dime to The New York Times for his brother, or his girlfriend (who happens to be the client). Decisions, decisions.

PRNYC is app. 75 minutes.  Some great Seattle actors have joined for a staged reading. PRNYC by Mark Rose, Odd Duck Studio, Seattle, October 1We’ll rehearse a couple of hours before the reading and then there will be a talkback (mercilessly brief and hopefully engaging). It’s a 49 seat theatre so it’s an intimate setting, with audience as focus group – part of the feedback loop to develop new work.

A little history on the the development of PRNYC.

WHITE NOISE – 10 min play had a total of 18 performances at two theatres in NY. PR guy comes early to therapy, meets woman in the Waiting Room who has fled her couples session. They connect, but is it about business or pleasure? They resolve to meet again the Waiting Room next week.

PRNYC One Act – Supposes that the guy in the 10 min play wakes up and goes to work the next day. Objective – Can he survive until lunch. If so, he has a 50/50 chance of surviving the day, which is the most you can hope for in that world. Run time, app. 45 minutes. Received nine performances at Key City Theatre as a winner in the Port Townsend One Act Play Festival in February of this year.

PRNYC Full length – Asks the essential question – What happens to the characters from the One Act three months down the road? A new character was created, one character merged with another, new scenes set. How is it? What’s it really about? I hope to find out at The Odd Duck Oct. 1 with a few friends and tough critics.

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    Wow, Mark! Congratulations on the full-length! I’ll bet it’s terrific!

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